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Best 9 Yoga Pose For Beginners

Yoga is a great and healthful morning routine for the human body because it makes your body more relaxed and flexible. Most medical professionals say that yoga is the best thing for stress and anxiety relief. Other more qualities in which better sleep and chronic pain relief are included in yoga exercise. One more thing we want to tell you, that if you learn all the yoga poses which we tell you here in this article you will be able to make yourself healthy and fit like a professional yoga doer. Here we explore some of the best yoga poses for those people who want to start yoga from scratch. 

Sukh Asan (Relief Stress)

The very first asan of yoga is sukh asan for inner body peace. The method of sukh asan is just sit on the ground on your yoga mat, keep your spine straight and take a deep breath until you feel relaxed. This technique of yoga is just perfect for beginners because it has a really deep effect on your body system. 

This yoga pose for beginners is best fit to relax the human body which makes your muscles stretched and healthy. Sukh asan or stress relief yoga pose is best to relieve the human body stress.

Tree Pose (Balance Improve Pose)

Tree pose is the second best yoga pose to make your body balanced and flexible. This pose is quite difficult because in the first it is difficult to make a balanced body. The technique of tree pose is just like a tree in which you raise your hands on your head and place your one foot to the thigh of the other leg. Make sure you can do this pose for 30 seconds and then swap the leg and foot position. 

According to a medical survey report this tree pose in yoga is perfect for beginners because you can make your body balanced by doing this technique. Yoga is an ancient technique to make the human body healthy in various ways. So most medical practitioners advise their patients who suffer from stress or anxiety to do yoga and other physical exercises.

Child Pose (Balasana)

The third pose of yoga for beginners is child pose which is also known as balasana that makes your body unwind and relax properly. This yoga technique is just like you face your dog that is behind you. In this pose you just put down your knee and upper body as well. After that you need to inhale deep breaths for a while.

According to some yoga experts, the child pose is one of the best and most worthy poses because it makes an inner connection between your body and fresh air. Child pose or balasana is a full stress reliever pose for the human mind and body. If you suffer from a serious type of body pain and depression that we suggest you try a child pose in yoga meditation.

Mountain Pose (Improve Posture)

In this yoga pose for beginners you need to stand straight with open arms and open legs in front of your mirror. Because it shows the body posture in which you can check whether your body posture is accurate or not. When you stand in a mountain pose , breathing slowly makes you relaxed and feel light. 

This yoga position shows your body imbalances which you need to correct with some body workouts. Yoga improves your health and immunity system with fresh breath which you inhale inside your body. Fresh oxygen makes a great quality of haemoglobin in your body which makes you fresh and active the whole day.

Pigeon Pose (Hips exercise)

The pigeon yoga pose for beginners is one of the healthful and happy look poses in which you sit like a baby pigeon on your yoga mat. In pigeon pose you lay one of your legs behind your body and bend the other leg below your stomach. Move your ankle which is below you slowly and take a deep breath then move to the other side to complete the yoga exercise. If you really want to feel great results in your body then repeat it five times or more as you want. This yoga technique also helps you to stretch your body muscles which make your blood flow smooth. 

The baby pigeon pose in yoga meditation is most favourite of sportsmen’s because it makes the hip more stretched which is more helpful for running. When your hip stretch is in your control then you can sprint accurately and your hips are strong and flexible. One more thing here we want to explain that in the first you face some difficulty to make your hip flexible but when your routine is set then the body feels light.

Downward Yoga Pose (Flexibility Enhancement)

Here we wanted to describe a downward yoga pose which is also known as (mukha svanasana). In this yoga technique you place your body back upper and put your hands and feet’s on the ground. When your body comes to a perfect position then take a deep breath which boosts your energy level. There are more than two body workouts performed here, the first one is stretching your thighs, muscles movement accuracy and helpful for your back support. 

One more benefit of this yoga technique is the relaxed nervous system. Because when your body comes to a downward yoga pose then your spine and nervous system come into a relaxing position for a long time period.

Cat-Cow Yoga Pose (Relief Spine & Back Pain)

Now this yoga pose is also a very important pose for beginners. In which you directly put your hands and knees on the ground under your hips like a cat. When your body comes to a perfect position then distribute the equal weight of body to your hands and legs. After that you take some deep breaths and feel light. The main benefit of this yoga pose is to relieve your back pain as well as spine pain. 

Cat-Cow yoga meditation helps you to stretch your back muscles which make your spine relaxed and awake. Not only these benefits of this yoga technique but it also helps your other body organs like strengthen your shoulder, neck and back lower muscles. Yoga is a great thing for those who want to start it from the beginning.

Legs Up Yoga Pose (Revitalize & Restore)

The Legs Up great yoga pose for beginners which we describe here. In this yoga pose you make your body shape into the L alphabet. Lay down with the wall of your house, lift up your legs with the wall and lay down your back support on the ground. Make sure that your legs remain straight and stretched.

One more thing here we wanted to explain that sometimes you could use a blanket or soft mat below you which makes you more comfortable. When you observe that your body comes to an accurate position then inhale deep breath as long as you can. This yoga technique helps your body to revitalise and restore your energy level and boost the body immunity.  

At last as usual we wanted to tell you that if you really wanted to make yourself fit and healthy then do yoga in the morning with a daily routine. Yoga makes you strong from inside and keeps you active. Most of the ancient tradition says that yoga is perfect for human body organs. 

Plank Yoga Pose for Beginners

The plank pose is one of the initial and quite difficult yoga pose for beginners, because when someone tries this yoga pose for the first time then they feel some pain in their stomach muscles. This pose is basically best for a strong human core. In this pose you place your hands and feet’s on the ground and tighten up your body front by stretching. After that you need to inhale deep breaths for a couple of times which makes you more energetic to do some extra. 

Plank pose in yoga meditation is really very important because it helps you to make your body balanced as well as it boosts your inner stamina which keeps you healthier and fit from inside.


In this article we explore some of the best yoga techniques for beginners which helps them to make their body fit and healthy. These yoga techniques are also best fit for all people who want great health. Here we explain some techniques which boost the human immunity system and some yoga meditation helps you to reduce pain in the body.

Also yoga is very helpful to maintain the health of the spine and nervous system of human beings. According to the medical professionals and ancient sayings that yoga is the best and exceptional exercise to reduce stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety is the worst thing for human health because it harms the inner health of the human body. That is why we decided to explain some of the best yoga techniques and tips for you.

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