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Top 6 Home Remedies for Skin Care

Remedies for skin care is very important for women’s these days. Healthy moisturizer and smooth skin is a dream for everyone, especially for women’s because they are really worried about their skin health. That is why we decided to explain the best and top home remedies for glowing skin. When your skin is dry and damaged sometimes that means that pollution and sun rays disturbs your skin molecules. If you really want to get your skin healthy and glowing within days then read this article with deep concentration and at the end you get a good result as soon as possible. Below we mention some of the best home remedies for skin:

  • Yogurt 
  • Aloe Vera 
  • Sun Screen 
  • Olive Oil Remedy
  • Honey 
  • Coconut oil Remedy


Pure Yogurt is the best remedy for your skin glowing, because yogurt face masks work really effectively. Yogurt has lots of nutrients in it which are really helpful for facial skin. Yogurt works like a natural nutrient or moisturizer that makes your skin very glowing and healthy. 

If you really want to make your skin glow and look attractive then try several kinds of yogurts until you find the best one for your skin. Here also we describe the application process and method of yogurt on your face skin for glow and skin health. 

Application Method: When you put yogurt on your face then remember one thing, use only a specific amount which is easily applicable on your face. You can add some other beneficial things in it like honey and turmeric for better results. Try this face glowing method for one and half weeks then you can feel the result on your facial skin. This is one of the best home remedies for skin care


Aloe vera is just a common and useful remedy for skin care that has been used for 100 years. If you use aloe vera gel for your skin health then the success will just increase which seems helpful for your facial skin. But, if you ask if we could use aloe vera gel for the face on a daily basis then the question arises how it affects your face?

Remember, aloe vera gel is just perfect for face skin either you could use on other body parts. Aloe vera helps your skin by using vitamin A, E and antioxidants which are found in it naturally. You can use aloe vera gel daily for your face because it absorbs in the skin very easily and helps oily skin. Aloe vera gel is not only used for your skin care but it will be helpful in some other conditions like:

  • Cold Sores
  • Frostbite Condition 
  • Sunburn
  • Cuts on body

Method of Application: Aloe vera gel is very easy to use because aloe vera plant is just found in most of the homes. The easy method to use is just cut the aloe vera leaf and press, then gel is coming out from it. Now you can just put on your skin and feel the difference within days.  

Aloe vera gel is used with other skin care ingredients like honey for better results. Nowadays, aloe vera gel is available in most of the departmental stores but the best way to use it on your own is through the method we describe above. Just planted in your home, cut and apply on your skin. 


One of the common and known remedies for your skin care is sunscreen lotion which most people have in their home. That is the reason we called him a home remedy for skin care. When we talk about sunscreen then how we forget about its long lasting effect on your skin. If someone says that sunshine is good for skin that is ok but if someone says that laying down under sunshine for a long time that’s not ok because we also protect our skin from ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays damage your skin cells and cause skin wrinkles when the limit is exceeded. So that is why we suggest sunscreen home remedies for skin care. 

 Method of Application: How much sunscreen you use for your body is not very important, how you can use it on your body is the most important thing. The application method listed below for your easiness:

  • First of all there are 2 or 3 tablespoons used for covering your whole body. Remember one thing, cover your body with sunscreen very carefully because the more you apply sunscreen the more it has an effect on it. 
  • On the second, apply sunscreen on your body 15 to 20 minutes before you go under sunlight.
  • Cover the body parts as much as you want. 


In this article almost we describe naturally effective remedies for your skin care. Now one of the most natural and effective skin care remedies is olive oil. Olive oil just comes with vitamin A, D,K and vitamin E which are really very effective for your skin health. Olive oil is vitamin E rich oil and when someone needs the best thing for skin then vitamin E is the best choice. Vitamin E is riched in antioxidant particles which are used to protect the skin cells from permanent damage. 

According to a medical report there are two types of vitamins which we used after their mix-up. These vitamins are E and K which you can use with olive oil for acne repair on your skin. Like other remedies olive oil is also great home remedies for skin care. 

Application Method: You can use olive oil directly for your skin health. If you really want to make your skin healthy and clear then do not use local and artificial olive oil because it harms more. Always use original and extra virgin olive oil for better results. 

Like other remedies you can also use other beneficial remedies or nutrients like mix olive oil with yogurt and honey for great outcome. Olive oil is one of the best and naturally riched remedies gifted by nature so use it very generously. When you use olive oil for your face skin then there are 4 to 5 drops which approximately cover your face completely. 


Honey is not only best for inner health but it is also great for outer health of the human body. You can use pure honey with other beneficial ingredients like olive oil and yogurt for skin care. Pure and original honey contains healthful bacteria which support the human body immune system. The home remedy of honey is just perfect for your skin because when other natural ingredients mix with honey then a healing process initiates into human skin. One more thing we want to explain here about your health is that if you have an allergy then choose the honey which is compatible with your skin health. 

Application Method: Like olive oil you can just apply honey on your face directly because there is no need for any kind of props. If you want to remove your acne then make a mixture of honey and cinnamon because it affects your skin rapidly.  

On the second point, mix honey with extra virgin olive oil with baking soda for your skin moisture because this mixture works really deep in your skin pores. When the mixture of three natural things is done then apply directly on your face and wait approx. ten minutes for best results. 


Most people love using coconut oil for many reasons because it has a lot of benefits. But, coconut oil is really very perfect for your skin also. There are some benefits of coconut oil which are listed below here:

  • Coconut oil is best for skin glow
  • Coconut oil is used for inflammation reduction
  • Coconut provides best antioxidants
  • Coconut oil heals defective skin pores
  • Coconut oil is best for antibacterial skin protection

One more thing we wanted to add here is that coconut is best for rough and dry skin. Coconut oil is just perfect for skin hydration due to antioxidants included in it. 

Method of application:  When you want to apply coconut oil on your skin and you want better results then mix olive oil, baking soda and some quantity of sugar in it because after that mixture it works like a face scrub which makes your skin glow healthy. 

Make a mixture of these natural remedies and apply directly on your face for 10 to 15 minutes daily. Secondly if you do not make a mixture then put olive oil in coconut oil and apply directly on your face then check the change in your facial skin after one week. In some cases, the skin is very oily and there is a lot of acne on the skin. Then you could apply the scrub method thrice a week after a gap of two days.


So here in this article we describe the best and informative knowledge about your skin health. Because, we really want to take care of your skin health. Skin health is the most important for humans because if you look better you feel better. For more informative things visit meds healthy because here you will find the best tips about your inner and outer health.

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