Best 7 Remedies to Stop Hair Fall

Hair loss is one of the most worrying problems for both men and women’s because they really take care about their hair. Hair is the essential part of the body which boosts the confidence level in human nature. Also helps humans for good looks. 

Here we explain some of the best and useful tips and home remedies to stop hair fall. To stop hair fall you must read this article carefully and completely because hair growth takes some time to regrow. If you really want to make your hair stop falling then beware of bad things and habits which may cause hair fall. There are some reasons for hair fall which we explain in our other article but here we also listed some of the reasons for your reminder.

  • Pollution 
  • Stress & Anxiety 
  • Genetic Defect
  • Hair Pulling Disorder
  • Hormonal Disorder
  • Age factor
  • Steroids & Drugs

Now we describe some of the best home remedies to stop hair fall which are helpful in the growth of your hair. 



One of the most effective and used home remedies to stop hair fall is egg mask which you apply on your scalp. We mentioned egg hair mask on priority because it contains more vitamin, proteins, zinc and sulphur in it which helps the human scalp to boost hair growth and stop hair fall. Egg masks make your hair straighter and improve the health of hairs and also reduce the split ends which is a bad thing in hairs. 

Method to apply Egg mask

  • Take only one egg and mix it with olive oil and honey.
  • Apply directly on your hair and scalps with brush
  • Wash your hair after 30 minutes and then repeat once a week. 

This home remedy for hair growth is really effective for your hair growth and stops hair fall. 


According to a medical report, your blood circulates very fast and smoothly in your brain when you massage your scalp and hair regularly. When someone does a head massage then they feel relaxed and stress free. We advise you to do head massage thrice a week with a time period of 4 to 5 minutes continuously. 

Blood circulation is very important for human body organs because blood contains minerals and other important vitamins which help in your body growth. So a head or scalp massage is one of the most important methods to stop hair fall because blood circulation makes your brain healthy. When brain nerves are healthy then your hair strands also remain strong. There are some of the best oils for head massage which also nourish your hairs:

1- Coconut Oil

2- Mustard Oil

3- Rosemary Oil


In the previous method we mentioned coconut oil is the best oil to stop hair fall. Now here we describe this home remedy to stop hair fall briefly. Every old woman in an Asian country recommends coconut oil for hair fall control because they know the importance of this natural home remedy which is best suitable for your hair. 

In this oil there are some fatty acids and minerals found which make your hair strong and nourishes hair from roots. Coconut oil is also known in Asian countries as(Nariyal ka Tail or Giri ka Tail). Below we mentioned the application method of coconut oil on your scalp.

Application Method

  • Firstly you warm some coconut oil because coconut oil comes to solid shape after some time.
  • Massage on your head directly before sleep and leave all night. But if you apply in the morning then clean or wash your head with shampoo after 25 minutes approx. 
  • For Great and better results do coconut oil massage everyday and wash your hair gently.


If you really want to stop hair fall then try some multivitamin supplement for them. Because these vitamins matter a lot for body growth and for hair also. According to a medical study report, if someone using multivitamins and minerals has more hairs on their head. The right and accurate way to take supplements is a little complicated, that’s why first you need to consult with your doctor. 

For great results you need to take multivitamins and minerals on a daily basis according to your medical professional advice. There are some of the best and most used minerals and multivitamins are listed below here:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C & E
  • Selenium
  • Iron

These are some of the great minerals or sources for amazing health. We suggest you take some vitamins regularly but some of the vitamins are taken with advice of medical professionals. 


In our other health related articles we describe the benefits and advantages of aloe vera, but in this article we explain aloe vera gel mask to stop hair fall which is naturally tested. Basically aloe vera is used to treat dandruff issues on the scalp because dandruff disturbs a lot.

Aloe vera gel has an effect on the scalp like cooling gel that makes your hair healthy and strong. Also it stops hair fall and repairs damaged hairs. This natural cooling plant helps your hair to regrow and nourishment. Below we explain the applying method of aloe vera gel on your scalp for hair treatment:

Method of Application 

  • Put some aloe vera gel on your fingers and massage your scalp directly for some minutes and leave gel on it.
  • After massage, clean with great quality shampoo which makes hairs more attractive and healthy.
  • Do this method approximately for 2 to 3 weeks for great results. 


To stop hair fall we describe some of the best and efficient methods here but we suggest you to maintain the health of your hairs and scalp because if you do that then automatically your hair health remains great. It is best thing to take care of your hair and scalp instead of using different kinds of techniques. 

One of the best and most worthy tips is to clean your hair and scalp which help to stop hair fall. According to a medical report, if you want to make your hair healthy and strong then use great quality conditioner after every shampoo wash. Most of the young generation make their hair stylish with some kind of colors and other harmful material they make a big mistake. One last hair caring technique here we tell you that don’t use hair band and pony for your hairs it disturbs and damages your hair.


Most of the study says that green tea is the perfect thing for your inner health but, it gives more than you think about it. Green tea is best for your inner body health as it calms your brain nerves, gets you away from stress and helps you to reduce body fat but with a continuous time span. 

Here we explain some benefits of green tea which have an effect on your hair and stop hair fall. Use of green tea is very helpful for your hair growth and hair strength. Below we describe the application method of green tea on hair.

Application Method

  • First of all, put 2 tea bags into hot water and wait for them to soak.
  • Make sure water becomes cool.
  • Then pour a cool liquid of green tea on your scalp and hair.
  • Massage your hair and scalp gently approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
  • At last wash your hair with shampoo and then use a great quality hair conditioner for better results. 


In this article we give our best to our visitors who are looking for hair fall problems and about their solutions. Majority of people looking for treatment (hair treatment) and they find about their hair fall solutions. Here we mentioned some of the major causes of hair fall and also describe the best tips and methods to stop hair fall.

One more thing here we tell you that every person has various kinds of scalp and hair issues so be careful when you use these methods, take some medical professional advice or consult with your personal doctor. But the method or remedies to stop hair fall which we define here, these are all naturally proved on some people. 

Hair fall is a common disease in both male and females because of some inner and outer problems of their bodies. Besides these natural remedies to stop hair fall there are some treatments and medications provided by some professionals. Your medical professional or doctor which has specialty in hair treatment observes your hair and scalp condition then they start treatment medication. Some people treat their hair fall with hair transplant and some use natural remedies to stop hair fall. 

We suggest that you take that way where your mind will be more satisfied. Above we share some great and natural home remedies to stop hair fall because we want your hair healthy and shining.

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