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Infectious Diseases: Types, Causes & Treatment

Infectious Disease and virus is one of the most dangerous diseases these days, because there are several kinds of infections spread world wide. All the infectious diseases spread through person to person by wasted, contaminated foods and other types of waste which is around you. Infectious disease also called pathogens disease which attacks a human body from outside environments like air, water and soil. 

Below we describe some of the infectious disease which are harmful for human body:

Types of Infectious Disease

  • Fungal Infection: Fungal infection is the most known infection worldwide. Fungal infected germs or fungi exist on your body which attack your body when it overgrows. Fungal infections go inside from your mouth and sometimes it gets inside your body through cuts or wounds on your skin. 
  • Viral Infection: This type of infection attacks your body through your body cells and DNA. Viral Infection attacks your body cells which get inside you and disturbs your health. According to medical study, cells make each other when inside the body then it also replicates that infection which attaches with cells.
  • Bacterial Infection: Bacteria infection is also one of the most spreading viruses which spread through single cell DNA organisms. All those bacteria’s which are found around us proves harmful and disturbs our skin tissues and creates other health problems.
  • Parasitic Infection: Parasitic infection also known as parasite infection. Parasite infection uses other’s body to spread which also works on single cell organisms. This type of infection is also very harmful for both bodies.

Common Infectious Diseases

Here we listed some of the common diseases which appear in the human body.  

1- Stomach Flu or Stomach ache

2- Common Cold Issue

3- Flu & Headache

4- Covid-19

Disease by Bacterial Viruses

1- Tuberculosis

2- UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection)

3- Strep Throat Issue

4- Salmonella Disease

5- Gonorrhea

Infectious Disease and viruses Complications

Some of the diseases are solved without any complication but some infectious diseases are really very harmful for the human body. These complicated disease which comes from infectious virus listed below:

  • Liver Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Brain Swelling

Symptoms & Causes of Infectious Disease

Now here we explain some of the symptoms and causes of infectious diseases which depend on the illness your body suffers from. If your body suffers from fungal or bacterial infectious virus than you can suffers from that diseases which we listed below:

  • Muscles Aches
  • Congestion 
  • Fever
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms 
  • Fatigue & dizziness
  • Cough & throat issues

These are some of the symptoms which a human body suffers from. If you find these symptoms in your own body or some other person then follow the advice of a medical professional. We suggest that you don’t take it easy because infectious disease proves very harmful and deadly if a proper cure is not done.

How Infectious Disease Spread?

Now this is the most important point to learn how infectious disease spreads in our society and how it transfers from one person to another. The spreading of infectious virus or disease depends on its type. Below we mentioned the most common and usual ways through which infectious disease can infect one person from others.

  • It can transfer from one person to another through blood transfusion or organ transplant. 
  • It can also infect other people through bugs (mosquito) when a bug cuts on both the person and one is infected.
  • Infectious disease will attack other people through contaminated foods or water which is not in proper storage. 
  • Infectious diseases affect other people when an infected cup is shared to others for use.
  • The most common way to transfer infectious disease is cough and sneezing. One of the most dangerous diseases, COVID-19 is spread through sneezing and cough issues.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Disease & Viruses

Here we discuss the diagnosis and treatment method of infectious diseases. First of all your doctor needs to know which infectious disease affects your health. For that you need to do some medical tests which describe the diseases. The diagnosis methods are listed below through which infectious diseases are identified.

  • Blood Test 
  • Urine Test 
  • Nose Swab & throat
  • CT Scan 
  • MRI and X-RAYs of affected body organs

When your diagnoses test is under process some test reports results shown immediately and some other tests take time. In that time you need to take care of your health because sometimes the infectious diseases get worse during the diagnoses.

Treatment of Infectious Diseases and Virus

Now here we explain the treatment method of infected diseases and viruses, bacteria’s. For both infectious virus and bacteria’s there are various kinds of treatment available. 

  • For bacterial infectious diseases you need to take antibiotics which are advised by your doctor after diagnosis reports.
  • Fungal infection disease can be cured through antifungal medications which are also prescribed by your professional doctor. 
  • For other infectious diseases like parasites infection doctors suggest the anti parasites medicines which are available by your medical professionals.

How we Prevent Infectious Diseases & Viruses

Infectious diseases can be prevented or blocked to attack in your body easily when you inject these prevention vaccines inside your body. The infectious disease prevented vaccines are mentioned below:

Vaccination for Infectious Diseases

  • RotaVirus Vaccine
  • COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Malaria Vaccine
  • Influenza 
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Polio vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccination

These are some of the vaccinations which are helpful for your health and reduce the risk factor of infectious diseases. The basic purpose of these vaccinations is to boost your body’s immunity level which is also helpful to prevent infectious diseases. One more thing here we wanted to explain that there are minor changes that occur in your body when you take these vaccines which are used to prevent the infected diseases and viruses.

Food Handling to prevent Infectious disease

The second best way to prevent infectious diseases and viruses is food handling. Through proper food handling you can get rid of food handling easily. Below some points written about food handling:

  • Do not eat uncooked food like seafood
  • Wash your hands properly before starting the meal. 
  • Drink pure water (do not drink water which is untreated)
  • Make sure that food is washed and hygiene which you want to eat.
  • Before eating, clean the dishes properly. 
  • Avoid the milk, which is unpasteurized.

Common ways to prevent/avoid infectious Viruses & Diseases

After vaccination and food handling we explain some common but effective tips for prevention of infectious diseases. You can make a healthy routine by following these some points which we mentioned below:

  • Cover your mouth and nose with some cloth when you sneeze. 
  • Step aside from other people at the time of coughing and sneezing.
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap properly and regularly at every time when you eat food. 
  • You do not meet other people when you have infectious disease.
  • Avoid making contact with others and also wear a mask to help others.
  • As we already said that bug bites are one of the major reasons for infectious disease, but if you use mosquito repellent and other spray then you will feel safe from these types of diseases. 

So these are some precautions and safe points to get rid of infectious diseases which are medically proven and advised by the professional doctors. If someone accurately follows these prevention points then they will be away from infectious diseases and viruses. Now also we mentioned the most frequently asked questions by visitors. Because they wanted to know about infectious diseases and viruses.

Frequently Asked Question

How does a vaccine work against infectious diseases and viruses?

When a vaccine is injected into the human body then the formula of the vaccine makes the bacteria or virus weak. When the vaccine starts working then it will attack on the weak infection germs and bacterias and kill them with a proper speed. Vaccines increase the working of the immune system which is also helpful to get rid of these infectious diseases and viruses.

How can we protect ourselves from Infectious viruses and bacterias?

The best and great practice through which you can protect your relatives and protect you also, that method is prevention from these kinds of dangerous diseases and bacteria’s. The preventions from infectious diseases & viruses mentioned below also we explain above in the article for your convenience.

  • Cover your mouth with a mask.
  • Sneeze or cough aside from other people. 
  • Clean your hands with antibacterial soap properly.
  • Make sure you are vaccinated timely. 

Are infectious viruses or diseases deadly?

In some cases infectious diseases prove very dangerous and deadly because sometimes the infected person thinks that it is normal to get flu and some other symptoms which we define above. But these minor looking diseases prove deadly when the treatment process is not done on time.

In most of the cases some diseases can be cured with simple medication but some major germs and viruses can be cured with proper medications and tests which are performed by your medical professionals.


Here we explain one of the most important health related issues which spread rapidly over the globe. As well as our team describe the identifications of infectious disease and viruses. Also we explain the diagnosis and treatment methods through which the infected person will be cured and those people who are not infected will be aware of it.

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