Mental disorder is one of the most complicated health issues these days which we found in every one third person around the world. So we decided to inform our visitors about this type of health problem because with the help of this article they gain knowledge about mental disorders and they search about the solution of mental health problems or mental disorders. 

Mental illness is a very serious and complex health condition through which most people suffer. Here we explain the types of mental illness or mental disorders which are mentioned below

  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Personality disorder 
  • Eating Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Psychosis
  • Dissociative Disorder
  • Paranoia Disorder


The very first and starting state of mental illness is depression because a depressed mind initiates more mental illness. When a person is depressed then there are a lot of bad or negative thoughts that come to his mind. Those thoughts make him a mentally ill personality. Depression is the most basic and serious type of mental illness. 

A depressed person’s brain is overloaded with bad thoughts which make him more weak from physical health also. Medical professionals said that a mentally ill person also suffers from physical problems like muscle weakness, loss of eye vision and hair loss sometimes. So if someone suffers from depression then they need to consult with a psychiatrist or take sessions to get rid of depression.


Anxiety disorder is also one of the most critical mental illnesses and it is found in every fifth person in the United states. A person who suffers from anxiety is disturbed from the environment around them. If a person has anxiety disorder then he/she feels difficulty and complexity in every situation or any kind of work whatever they do.

The anxious person has some common symptoms like nervousness,  digestion problems, danger sensing all time and concentration problems. One more thing we wanted to explain here is that anxiety is a part of life which we can handle and manage through some rest, medication, love & care. Anxiety can be treated but if someone takes it seriously on their mind then anxiety will be converted to depression which is much bad effective on human brain nerves.


Personality disorder is based on the behavior of a person who suffers from personality disorder. When a human suffers from it then he loses self confidence and will power to do something special. Personality disorders can be different in human brains or mind. Below we mentioned some of the personality disorder which may founded in several kind of people:

  • Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder
  • Dependent personality Disorder
  • Paranoid Personality Disorder
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder
  • Avoidant Personality Disorder

These are some of the personality disorders which are mentioned above. According to medical professionals if someone has this type of mental illness and disorder then he is scared of talking in front of any other person sometimes. The affected person will be recovered with the help of other people who are around them. Love and care is the best treatment for the person who suffers from personality disorder and mental illness.


Eating disorder is one of the serious and most complex mental illnesses which appears in any age of human being. If a person has an eating disorder then there are several types of changes that appear in their body shape. Some people gain weight and some people lose body mass. Eating disorders relate with human psychological nerves which make the human brain to act abnormal. 

According to a survey, eating disorders are found in disabled people in majority which is around 20 to 30 percent. It is also found in adults but in a low percentage which is around 3 to 10 percent. Below we mentioned some of the symptoms which describe the eating disorder affected person:

  • Unusual Sweating Condition
  • Major mood swings
  • Thin Hair 
  • Hair Loss Sometime
  • Avoid eating food on time
  • Weight loss issue


Schizophrenia is one of the most serious mental illnesses and mental disorders. In this mental illness the human brain suffers from hallucination and delusion thoughts which prove very dangerous for human beings. When a person lives in hallucination and imaginary thoughts then they go far away from reality. 

Schizophrenia mental illness is treated with some positive sessions of human psychology. Some medications are also necessary for patients who suffer from schizophrenia. Some people think that schizophrenia is a split personality disorder but that is not true. These are two different kinds of mental illness. One more thing which we wanted to mentioned, most of the suicide cases occurs due to hallucination and delusion because the patient live in un real world which is not a good thing. 


OCD mental illness is a very complex state of mind in which the patient is not sure about their daily routine working. If a person suffers from OCD then they will be unsure about what they are doing. Obsessive compulsive disorder affects the human mind, the human brain thinks the work is not completed which is done by a person. 

OCD will be treated through some medication and psychological sessions. When treatment starts then in the very first the affected person sleeps a lot of time, because the medication makes their brain relaxed. Remember one thing, if OCD mental illness remains in mind for a long time without any kind of medication than the results are very bad for the affected person sometime it can lead to suicide. Sometimes OCD affected people suffer from depression also because they can’t handle the workload when they repeat it several times.


Like schizophrenia, mental illness psychosis is one of the serious mental illnesses. In psychosis the suffering patient faces hallucinations and delusions like schizophrenia. Psychosis patients think they will be alone in the world because of sad and negative thoughts. Below we mentioned some of the symptoms that proves a person suffers from psychosis mental illness:

  • Confused thoughts 
  • Hallucinations (Hearing, vision, smell and other senses which are not real).
  • Delusions (the wrong thoughts which are not said by a person).

When a person suffers from psychosis then there are certain triggers and events in their life which hurts them more. Psychosis mental illness can be treated with love and care and sometimes medications needed for betterment of mind nerves.


Dissociative disorder is a mental illness in which a person or suffering patient disconnects from their feelings and thoughts. The patient of dissociative disorder is also called the patient of amnesia which means that the person suffers from memory loss.  The main three symptoms of dissociative mentioned below:

  • Feeling uncertainty 
  • Suffer from Multiple Personality depression
  • Disconnected from other socially
  • Forget certain memories and events of life.

Here we explain the typical treatment which is psychotherapy. This therapy helps suffering patients to control their thoughts and emotions which is a quite difficult thing or process. Psychotherapy is also known as talking therapy in which the professional or psychiatrist talks to their dissociative disorder patients about the good and positive thoughts. They hope that the patient will forget those traumatic incidents and depressive moments of life through which he/she will suffer.


Paranoid is the last mental disorder which we explain here, paranoid mental disorder affects the human mind like other disorders which we explain above in this article. Sometimes paranoia disorders transfer genetically. But, in most cases paranoid mental disorders impact the human brain due to depression and anxiety.  The main issue in this health issue is that negative thoughts are fixed sometimes and that will be a dangerous situation. 

The paranoid patients can be treated with talking therapy in which psychiatrists talk to their patients and observe how they think or what they are feeling about their life. Obviously the feelings and thoughts are negative of that person which will suffer from mental disorder.

The professional psychiatrists implement the opposite mind theory in which they assure the patient that the thoughts are the wrong. Doctors assign the positive tasks to the patients which are opposite to the negative thoughts. After some sessions the patient comes to the old healthy condition of mind.


Mental illness and mental disorder is one of the worst and dangerous health issues which is found in most of the people around the globe. According to a survey, the majority of people will suffer from depression and anxiety. Either the depression is minor or depression is a serious condition of mind. Here we explain some of the most searched mental disorders.

Also we describe the treatment or solution for these mental illnesses and disorders. The sum of all talks is that, the person who suffers from mental disorder, depression, anxiety and any other type of mental illness is only treated with care and love which they found from other people who live around them. Sometimes the patient needs medications because they suffer from a serious stage of depression and mental illness that’s why proper medications are also necessary for them.

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