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Top 10 Common Health Issue

Health issue is the most important and sensitive issue around the globe because everyone takes care about their health and takes care about the health of their loved ones. So here we decide to explain about the most common health issues which appear in the world significantly. Here we describe some of the top common health issues which are listed below:

  • Immunization
  • Tobacco Issues
  • Overweight Diseases
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Physical injuries
  • Environmental Issue
  • Nutrients deficiency Problems 
  • Cancer


Immune system is one of the best supportive systems in the human body which helps the human body to defend against infectious diseases. Immunization is the process which starts with the help of vaccination like Covid-19 vaccine which boost the immunity system that make covid virus weak and destroy after the dose completion. 

Remember, the more people who have a weak immunity system the more diseases attack their body. If someone has a great immunity system then their body looks fit and healthy because of a strong immunity system. So make sure that you have a good immune system for better health.

Tobacco Issues

Tobacco is one of the most dangerous health disasters. Tobacco proves very deadly when someone consumes it within a time span. Its effect on health appears after some time, because it is like slow poison. Like tobacco, other dangerous things may prove very dangerous for human health. There are specific departments in some countries which initiate the anti tobacco slogan. If you really take care about your health then stay away from tobacco and keep away your family members also.

Overweight Health Issue

Overweight and bad cholesterol is one of the deadly health issues which spread rapidly around the world. One of the major causes of depression and anxiety is the overweight of the human body. There are some of the harmful and dangerous disease attack human health which are listed below:

  • Heart disease 
  • Respiratory Problems 
  • Bladder problems
  • Chest Problems
  • Depression 
  • Breathing Issues

When a person becomes overweight, his/her breathing situation is unstable sometimes. High weight or overweight situation is more dangerous for human body organs. We highly suggest to those people who really want to take care of their health then make sure that your body mass is in the accurate percentage which is described by the health professionals. 

HIV Aids Issue

HIV Aids has become a deadly disease which may cause deaths of millions of people in the United states since the 1990s. This deadly disease spreads rapidly in adults. In most cases HIV attacks on those people who cross the age of 50 years because their immune system becomes weak. Below we mentioned some of the symptoms through which you can identify the HIV aids disease:

  • Unusual Weight Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Skin Rash Problem
  • Dementia (Memory Issues)

If someone don’t do these bad habits through which HIV Aids attack the human body then get the proper knowledge & awareness about HIV disease. There is one thing to remember that HIV aids is a very serious and deadly disease, so take care of your health and your relatives health as well as.

Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems are found in every 4th person which you see around. It is one of the biggest health issues which is most searchable and under debate these days. Mental health relates with your physical and emotional health also. If a person have mental illness then he will be suffer from some other problems which are written below:

  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer 
  • Vision problem
  • Hearing problem
  • Diabetes
  • Nutrients imbalances 

The most dangerous and serious type of mental illness is depression which makes a person very weak and they get the bad thoughts of harming himself sometimes. One more thing which we want to explain, mental illness and depression makes you sad and unhappy for a long time. But if someone takes a proper meditation and session to get rid of depression then he/she will be turned to happiness after some time.

Physical Injuries

Physical injuries are also a dangerous aspect in a human life. Sometimes physical injuries may cause death when someone gets a physical injury on his head, neck and spine. Most medical professionals suggest their patients to avoid those games and other physical activities in which the human body may suffer from a major physical injury. 

Physical disability is one of the most disgraceful and major problems for some people who suffer from some kind of physical injury in some kind of accident or trauma. So we also advise people to be careful and take care of their family and friends from some serious physical disability or physical injury. Below we mention some of physical injuries:

  • Fire burn
  • Bone fracture
  • Body dislocation
  • Animal bite injury
  • Electrical Physical Injuries

Environmental issues

The 7th most discussed issue in the world is the environmental issue which creates problems for everyone. Most of the dangerous diseases attack the human body through polluted environments or polluted air. One more reason for the polluted environment is the large amount of population which is increasing rapidly day after day. Environmental problems cannot be solved easily if we can’t control the population.

There are many departments of environmental control in several countries but without the support of the local community it is not possible to make the environment a clean and polluted free society.  Those countries which have more populations, suffer from more polluted environment issues.

For a clean and pollution free environment there are several societies working around the globe for betterment. If we really want to make the environment clean and pollution free then we need to take responsibility on our own. Without our help these working communities will not be able to make the environment clean and a best place for healthy living.

Nutrient Deficiencies Problems

Nutrient deficiency is one of the major problems or issues around the globe because every 3rd person suffers from some kind of nutrient deficiency. On this health issue we explain a complete article on our site if you want to read about then click on the link for a full detailed article.

Nutrient deficiency is a common health issue which is found in most of children’s and old age humans. Because, due to some reasons they do not consume necessary vitamins and other nutrients which may be best for their body and immune system than they will suffer from nutrient deficiency. There are several kind of nutrient deficiencies which are listed below:

  • Calcium deficiency 
  • Vitamin deficiency ( Vitamin B12)
  • Folate deficiency 
  • Potassium Deficiency
  • Iron nutrient deficiency 
  • Iodine deficiency 

These are some common and most found nutrient deficiencies in the human body which may prove dangerous for health. If you find the above deficiencies then consult with your doctor or dietitian for a great diet plan in which those foods are added which are best for human health.  

Cancer Health Issue

Cancer is the most dangerous disease for human beings because it can cause death and other harmful diseases which attack on human health. In most countries cancer is a really very serious issue because most deaths occur. In cancer disease there are some specific cells that grow very fast and in over quantity which is harmful and not good for other body parts. Below we mention some of the reasons which may cause of cancer:

  • Excessive smoking 
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Human body excessive exposure under direct sunlight
  • Chronic stress (also cause of cancer because it affects the human body which exceeds cell quantity). 

If someone found that he/she will be suffer from last stage of cancer than specific symptoms appears like ( sleeps too much, exhaustion and too much weakness).


Here in this article we explain most common health issues which are spread rapidly and commonly around the globe. We decided to explore these critical health issues for the awareness of people living in several countries, because we know the price of living human beings. Here we explain some of those health issues which are not much dangerous and some health problems are very dangerous even if the disease is about to take the life of a human after chronic pain. So we decided to describe the most common health issues for public awareness. 

Remember that good and great health is very important and necessary for good living, so take care of your health and take care of those people who you love the most. Above we mentioned most searchable issues which are related to human health. The most common health issue in south Asia is cancer, hypertension and physical injuries because here most of the people suffer from some serious type of depression and some people would see the financial crisis.

In most cases of harmful diseases most of the people have not much resources to make themselves out of these dangerous diseases.  In other scenarios most of the people have complained about their health management organization and other health related departments, which have no machinery and equipment for proper testing. So that are some of the reasons for common but dangerous health issues in south Asian countries.

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