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Top 12 Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems in men. Hair thinning, broken hair and some other kinds of hair problems are the causes of hair loss. Here we define some of the major reasons for hair loss which are faced by men’s and women’s also. Some people suffer with this condition due to taking high deficiency vitamins and some people suffer because they don’t consume vitamins which grow the hair health.  When we talk about hair loss then also we share some tips to get rid of this kind of disease. 

There are some common factors which cause hair loss in men and women also. The following are major reasons for hair loss:


One of the most important reasons is changing hormone level for potential hair loss. When a couple takes or consumes some pills which stop the birth control system then it will react badly sometime. These types of medicines change hormone levels and the result is hair loss in both male and females. 

If someone really wants to take this kind of medicine then they need to consult with their medical professional and then consume according to the doctor’s description.


Hair pulling disorder is called trichotillomania in which the person pulls hairs from the head and other body parts itself.  This disorder or disease trichotillomania is also a reason for hair loss in both genders. According to medical professionals this disease begins at the age of 17 and is much more common in females instead of males. 

When an affected person continuously plays with the hairs then it will cause hair loss and baldness. Now, there are some treatment methods provided by medical professionals and the first one is antidepressant medicine because there is a reason behind why the patient pulls the hair itself. And the other effective treatment is behavior changing treatment in which you force the person with love and affection by which the affected person gets rid of hair pulling disease (trichotillomania). 


Age is also a common factor for hair loss, because with passage of time the body minerals and nutrients will decrease and become weak. So, the human body has various kinds of effects on it which cause hair loss rapidly. If you face hair loss due to age factor then there are some cosmetics products which you used to cover that gap of baldness. 

Your age matters a lot in your hair health. There are several tips and tricks to prevent hair loss even when you are aged. You can manage your hair health and prevent hair loss by adopting following tips:

  • Keep hair products and other chemicals away from your hairs.
  • Don’t use hair heating tools that make your hair weak.
  • Be careful of hard water because it makes your hair rough and broken.


Chemotherapy is a type of treatment which is used to beat cancer in which you take some cancer treated medicines but it can cause your hair loss. After cancer treatment your hair will recover soon but with a different texture. Your hairstyle changes after chemotherapy either hair will be curly or hairs are straight. Sometimes hairs grow with different colors. This kind of hair loss can be treated easily when cancer is gone from the human body.


If you consume steroids for your muscle buildup and for show off then it has a major side effect on hair. Steroids can cause your hair loss. Steroids have a major effect on your hormones which are used for hair growth, when someone takes steroids the hormones of hair are imbalanced and work with deficiency. So steroids affect it very badly on hair.


Losing hair is a very critical and serious issue in human life, because hair makes up the personality of men. Some people face this problem because of different reasons but the majority of people are affected and suffer from hair loss due to genetic problems. Genetic problems occur in the majority of people because it depends on genetic imbalance.

There are various kinds of hair fall in several people. Some people are bald from the center of the head and some are bald from the front of the head because it depends on their genetics. Hair fall due to genetic problems is permanent. 


Alopecia areata is a common disease which is found in different kinds of people’s skin. This disease affects human skin on different body parts.  In this disease people of any age, ethnic and sex are affected. There are different kinds of alopecia areata which can cause of hair fall. Due to this disease there is no idea that hairs are recovered but, in the medical field there are some treatments available to get rid of alopecia areata. Treatments for alopecia areata listed below:

  • Oral medication
  • Injected medication
  • Topical Treatments
  • Ultraviolet Therapy


Various styling techniques and over treatment on hair is a major cause of hair fall. There are some examples of over styling which is cause of hair loss:

  • Hair Weaving
  • Hot treatment with oil 
  • Harsh chemical and heated oil
  • Cornrows

These over styling techniques and practices are a major cause of hair loss. By adopting these methods your hairs will be damaged from root and might not be able to grow back. If you really want to get rid of these over styling methods then use a hair conditioner after shampooing the hairs and dry your hair with dry air. By using or picking this treatment for hair loss you can prevent hair loss and maintain a healthy life of hairs for a long time period.


Pregnancy is also a major cause of hair loss in women’s. Pregnancy is a type of stress which makes your hair unhealthy. Those hair fall conditions which occur during pregnancy or occur after delivery of a baby is recoverable. During pregnancy hair fall occurs but it will grow again after some time. So if a woman suffers from the problem of hair fall during pregnancy then she will not worry about their growth. Pregnancy hair loss problems are not permanent it can be cured with accurate medication.


The disease of thyroid is also a cause of hair fall in men and women both. If someone has thyroid disease then there are some of the issues of hair fall includes:

  • Other body parts has less hairs
  • Eyebrow hairs fall 
  • Hair thinning 

If you really want to make your hair healthy then consult with your medical consultant. Take professional advice which helps you to make your hair healthy and grow again in a proper way. Thyroid problem which is the cause of hair fall is not a big problem like others which we described already in this article. 


Weight loss and a weak body is a major cause of hair loss because there are some important nutrients which are used to fulfill the body’s needs. Weight loss causes your body stress because when body weight is decreased then there are some beneficial vitamins and nutrients also burned out from your body. There are some of minor disadvantages when you lose your body weight which are as follow:

  • Eating disorder
  • Hair thinning 
  • Lose important minerals

Like some of the other reasons which we explore in this article, this hair fall reason is also temporary. When you can lose your weight and after weight stops at a specific point the hair growth is recovered with passage of time. So hair fall due to weight loss is recoverable and treated.


Stress and illness is a permanent reason for hair fall which occurs in men’s in majority. Stress is a serious condition in which there are several types of disease attached with a human body and hair fall is one of the main reasons due to stress and mental illness. 

When you can manage your stress and mental illness then you can prevent hair loss and other dangerous diseases. When someone faces stress and mental illness then they need to consult with their health care provider or family physician. Medical treatment can help the patient to recover and hair fall control in a proper way. Stress management is a very difficult situation because it is unacceptable for the human brain that it suffers from any kind of disease or some mental illness. This is one of the major and dangerous causes of permanent hair fall in men’s.

Here we also listed some stress management techniques which controls the mental illness but take some time to recover the human brain activities

  • Daily Workout
  • Yoga Techniques 
  • Muscles relaxation
  • Mindful and Positive Meditation
  • Slow Deep Breathing
  • Rest and Sleep Peacefully

These are some worthy techniques to manage stress and mental illness. Remember that your hair health relates with your mind or brain activities then make sure that your brain remains in a healthy and peaceful state. When your neurological health is perfect then your hairs are perfectly grown in a proper way and you look amazing.

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