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Top 5 Major Types of Depression

Depression is one of the most common but major health issues nowadays because of several problems which may occur in their lives. Depression is not only about sad feelings but it is more than that. If someone had depression then they feel low and unmotivated because the brain sends the depressed signals in your whole body. When someone has a depressive mood then sometimes they behave like a child who is stubborn or sometimes they act like an old man who doesn’t want to live anymore. In this condition age doesn’t matter because of your nerves. 

In this article we explain some of the depression types and their symptoms. Below we describe the most common but serious type of depressions which heavily affect your health. But in the first we mention some of the depression symptoms.

  • Sleep Changes
  • Feeling Sad 
  • Mood Swings
  • Lack of Energy
  • Concentration Inability
  • Harmful thinking
  • Lack of Joy Feelings

These are some of the depression symptoms which may affect your inner and outer health. So here we describe the major depression types.


Major or clinical depression is one of the most important and serious conditions of depression. In this condition the patient feels sad and has a lack of interest in any kind of work. When patients suffer from this kind of depression then there is not an obvious cause for depression. Below there are some clinical depression symptoms which is worst for patient:

  • Increase Sleeping
  • Focus Inability
  • Irritation
  • Bad Thinking or Negative Thinking
  • Unusual weight gain
  • Unusual Weight Loss
  • Killing Thoughts
  • Restless Sleeping

Here we explain frequently asked questions about clinical depression treatment, that how can we treat the patient of clinical or major depression?

When we talk about treatment of clinical depression then there are several kinds of solutions available in which psychotherapy, antidepressant medicines and some natural treatments are implemented for patient recovery. But according to most medical practitioners, the combination of antidepressant medicines and therapy is the best way to treat this type of depression. 


It is another type of depression through which a majority of people suffer. This type of depression may suffer for a long period of time. Persistent depression makes you separated from your friends and family, which means you spend most of your time lonely which is not a great habit. Some of the persistent depression symptoms mentioned below which affect human brain:

  • Patient Feel Sad
  • Hopeless thoughts
  • Disturbed eating schedule
  • In ability to feel happy and joy
  • Concentration problems 
  • Feel low energy 
  • Mood swings
  • Aggressive Behaviour 
  • Social Separation

As we already said that it is a long term depression that is why its symptoms appear not very soon. It is also a serious type of depression which affects the human brain for a long time period which is a dangerous thing because its effect is long lasting that is why its treatment also takes some time.

Here we mention the most asked question: what is persistent depression or double depression?

Double depression is one of the most serious brain issues in which the patient suffers from complications of dysthymia. As we  already explain that persistent or double depression is a long term brain problem that is why the person who suffers from this type of depression then they experience the worst symptoms. The depression symptoms are mood swings and sad feelings etc.


It is the third type of depression through which more than 22 percent of people worldwide suffer because they have mental illness. If someone suffers from psychotic depression as well as suffering from persistent depression then they feel more unhappy thoughts. They think like an unorganized person who has nothing to do in their life.

Psychotic depressive people suffer from one of the most serious brain defects, which is called hallucinations. Hallucination is a state of mind in which the patient thinks those thoughts which are not true or not relatable to reality. But their mind said that it is true and believed in obvious wrong thought. Here also we mention frequently asked questions about psychotic thought.

What are signs of Psychotic depression in early stages?

The very early sign of this kind of depression is wrong and faulty thoughts which means that patients don’t trust on real things or thoughts. Psychotic depression makes a human brain hallucinate which means that the person who suffers from this depression states, losing the concept of reality. Some other depression symptoms occur like bad emotions, negative thoughts, unclear vision and sudden mood swings.

How do we treat or diagnose Psychotic Depression?

There are several solutions to treat psychotic depression in which antidepressant medication is the first way to cure this depression. Because medicines make a clear vision in the patient’s brain and give them the willpower to treat themselves. The other and much more effective treatment of depressed people is that, other people who lived around them may treat them with love and honest emotions.

They make them happy and motivate them about the reality with love and care because love and care is the only way to treat them. If someone behaves in a stubborn way then a psychotic depressed patient can’t handle him and goes into a serious trauma condition.


Here we explain one of the most severe and dangerous types of depression which affect a person mentally and physically as well. Premenstrual depression disorder is also known as PMDD in terms of medical studies. 

In this state of depression patients feel sad and emotionally dishart. On some special or specific occasions they feel lonely and emotionally broken because they think other people do not behave well with them. There are some of the PMDD depression symptoms mentioned below:

  • Headaches
  • Muscles cramps
  • Joints pain
  • Lose energy
  • Anxiety & Sudden Panic Attack
  • Unusual anger
  • Trouble in Focusing
  • Sleeping problems

If someone suffers from symptoms which we write above then they suffer from a PMDD depression state. Most of the females suffer from this depression condition in their ovulation periods. According to survey report most of the PMDD depressed patient lose their hope of living and commit suicide so don’t take it easy because it can harmful for your loved one’s or any other person you wanted to see happy.


Now we explain a very important type of depression which is peripartum or postpartum depression. This type of depression is associated with mood changes or hormonal changes. Postpartum depression symptoms mentioned below

  • Depressed Person feel sad and feel low 
  • Depressed person stay lonely (separate from family)
  • Lack of interest in daily activities
  • Lack of interest in sexual activities also
  • Feeling angry & depressed physically also
  • Irritation and anxiety 
  • Eating and sleeping habits disturbed

Here also we describe some most frequently asked questions from people.

Why do people suffer from postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression disturbs the human body with some changes. Changes are physical or changes are related to mental situation. There are several factors which is cause of peripartum depression the reasons are listed here

  • Physical Changing (During Pregnancy)
  • Mental Changings ( Home Issues, Parenthood problems)
  • Sleeping Schedule change
  • Hormonal Changes 

These are some reasons by which patients suffer from postpartum depression. And remember, like other types of depression which we explain above, this kind of depression and anxiety is also cured or treated with some medication or with help of true loving behaviour of others. 


Here we explain the last type of depression which is not much dangerous like other types of depression which we explain above. Atypical Depression relates to temporary positive or negative events. When a person suffers from atypical depression then sometimes he looks healthy which is not having any kind of mental illness. It is hard to diagnose atypical depression because it is an eventual or seasonal type of depression. Some symptoms of atypical anxiety listed below:

  • Unusual Appetite
  • Unusual Weight Gain
  • Disturbed Sleep Schedule
  • Insomnia
  • Several body pain & aches
  • Arms and legs heaviness 

Most medical professionals advise their patients of atypical depression to use antidepressant medicines because sometimes the human brain works on a sudden event which may heal the depression condition. One of the main symptoms of atypical depression is heaviness of body parts like legs and arms which we explain above in this article.


Depression is a very serious and dangerous state or type of disease which affects human health very badly. Sometimes it affects the human body physically also but the human brain is always affected by depression. There are several types of depression which we explain above in this article and also describe the treatment method of several depression types.

Personally we suggest to our readers that we be kind with those people who suffer from some kind of depression because they need love and care from others. If someone fights against depression then help them and don’t upset them. If you really want to get rid of depression then read this article with concentration because we explain the most prominent information about it. At last we said that take care of your health and your loved ones from depression and anxiety.