Side Effects of Steroids

Top 6 Health Risks & Side Effects of Steroids

Using Steroids for muscle gain and improving body stamina is totally illegal and bad for human health. Steroids are a severe dangerous and harmful thing if someone consumes for show off purposes or to pump up their muscles. If you really want to know about the side effects of steroids then read this article completely and carefully. Due to consuming steroids most of the athletes lose their sport career because they take steroids which boost their stamina at that time. Sports athletes banned for a long term due to consuming steroids.

So keep reading this article to get rid of steroids and other bad drugs. We guarantee that this article will help to make your life steroids free and healthy. Firstly we discuss what is steroid?


Steroids are the medicines which are specially made for the muscle and hormone gain in a man’s body besides the natural rules. Steroids are illegal to consume because they can cause severe disease in the human body. Steroids are man-made testosterone which improves men’s body for a specific period of time which is a bad thing for the human body. Some steroids for pain are taken by injections and some of the steroids are taken by applying on directly to skin. 

Risks & Side Effects of Steroids

As we explain that steroids are illegal and risky for the human body, especially men’s bodies, so here we describe side effects of using steroids. Using steroids can be dangerous and harmful. Usually side effects of steroids and that kind of medicine appear after two or three weeks.  There are some risks and side effects of using steroids explained below.


Most of the people said that steroids have the same side effects on male and females but that is not the right fact. When we talk about male side, steroids change the male body physically. There are some physical side effects that occur on a man’s body (Baldness, Un-usual Chest Growth & Shrinked testicles).

When we talk about the women’s side, then there are different things because women have different kinds of side effects which occur physically like (menstruation cycle disturbed, unusually deep voice and unusual hair on face). One last but worried fact, that sometimes taking steroids is affected very badly and their side effects change the human body permanently, either in male or in the female body.


According to medical professional advice, taking steroids is the worst thing for the cardiovascular system. Risk increased for the heart because some steroids can be the cause of stroke and heart attack. Some steroids make bad cholesterol in a human body which is about 50 percent and decrease the good cholesterol up-to 90 percent. According to medical consultants the normal level returns in 4 to 5 months when a human is not taking steroids. 

Consuming steroids for a long period of time is the cause of heart attack, and stroke which is a major cause of death according to a report. There are some of the major risks and disadvantages listed below:

  • Heart Muscle size increased 
  • Hypertension 
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Abnormal Heart beat

At the second point, using steroids is a major cause of liver dysfunction. Liver working and functions are also disturbed when a human body takes steroids in excess. Taking steroids orally is the cause of liver functions and it can be the cause of liver shrinking and the cause of tumor’s in the liver. Liver performs a very prominent role in the human body; it produces fresh blood and filters the blood which is already running in your veins. When someone takes steroids, liver functionality disturbed.


Using steroids in youth is very bad because it can stop the growth of the human body also. Growth of young people stops because steroid consumption makes bones grow too fast, which is more than the age of humans, which means bones are in maturing state rapidly. After rapid growth the bones stop growing suddenly which causes growth deficiencies in the young community.

So, taking steroids is the worst and painful habit or disadvantage for those who take it for show off purpose and muscle improvement.  Normal growth is really very important because the human body works on the pattern of nature, if you disturb the natural growth pattern then your body growth is abnormal cent percent.


Steroids work like a drug and those people who consume it act like drug addicts. After taking drugs there are major mood swings and aggression in behaviour appears. People who consume steroids think that they are hostile and change in behaviour. Aggression in behaviour, mood swings and behaviour changing can cause of suicide in most of young people especially.

We advise the young community that they can’t take steroids because it can cause their death. Behaviour aggression is a major issue and problem among the young people because they work for a livelihood and if they consume steroids then face major mood swings and aggressive behaviour, that is a negative point for their career. It is one of the worst side effects of steroids.


One of the major side effects of consuming steroids is male infertility. Testosterone performs an important role for male reproductive system, and taking steroids can cause dysfunction of male reproductive system. Steroids affect male reproductive organs very badly that’s why young couple’s face infertility in their early age. Steroids can be harmful for sperm health also because some steroids which can be taken through injections or orally are proven abnormal and infertile. Most of the people ask questions that it can be possible that sperm quality recovers when they don’t take steroids? The answer is yes, sperm quality and reproductive system recovered within four months after steroids rejection. 

Experts say that if steroids impact on male reproductive organs then it can impact permanently sometimes which causes permanent infertility. At the end of every risk and side effect of steroids we advise you please don’t consume steroids and take our advice seriously. Because we really want you fit and healthy. Infertility is a major cause of life destruction between married couples. According to a survey report most of the marriages broke because of infertility in male or female.


Acne is a common side effect which appears on the face, neck, chest and nose when someone consumes large amounts of steroids in daily routine. Acne which appears due to steroid dose is totally different from pimple acne which occurs due to heat. Chest is the most common body organ where steroid affected acne appears.

We explain acne at the last of our list because acne is not a big issue it can be manageable easily. If a man stops consuming steroids then the effect of these bad steroids reverses back to the normal condition. This condition is best fit for male only. When a woman gets rid of steroids then her body takes some time to recover itself. Acne is not the major problem while taking steroids.

Where Steroids Used?

As we discussed side effects and the risk of taking steroids in a huge amount daily. But there are some conditions where medical practitioners advise to take some quantity of steroids which are tested with a disease cure. Some patients had to take steroids because they needed it but in a small quantity which was advised by their health consultant’s. There are some uses of steroids in medical condition listed below:

  • Delay Puberty
  • Cancer in Breast (Women)
  • Low RBC (Red Blood cell)
  • Tissue Wasted Aids Related

These are some of the uses of steroids which can be taken by advice of medical professionals of yours. There is anabolic steroid which patients can use due to medical issues because it is necessary sometimes for a human being to live a life. Taking steroids due to medical reasons is not much harmful instead of consuming steroids for muscle buildup or to improve the body shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 5 common side effects of steroids?

The most 5 common side effects of steroids are ( Acne issue, Liver and Cardiac Problems, Infertility problem, Aggressive Behaviour & Physical Change).

What are 2 serious side effects of taking steroids?

There are two serious side effects of taking steroids ( Abnormal Chest Growth and Male Infertility).

What are 3 long term effects of steroids?

Three long term effects of steroids are ( Heart Problem, Kidney Failure and severe depression)

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